Below is a list of Blacks lynched in the Lauderdale County, TN area. This is by no means a conclusive list. The true number of Blacks lynched during the post slavery era will never be known. I wonder if these individuals were guilty at all of the crimes that caused them to be sentenced to death. Some may have been, but some may have been innocent.

Henry Giveney (Gingery*) lynched Ripley Tennessee January 9 1900
Robert Giveney (Gingery*) lynched Ripley Tennessee January 9 1900
Anderson Ganse lynched Henning Tennessee January 16 1900
Louis Rice lynched Ripley Tennessee March 23 1900
Robert Alexander lynched Ripley Tennessee January 3 1904
Thomas Seacey lynched Haywood Tennessee April 29 1904
John Talley lynched Dyersburg Tennessee November 7 1913
William Thomas lynched Dyersburg Tennessee March 19 1916
Ligon Scott lynched Dyersburg Tennessee December 2 1917
Albert Gooden lynched Covington Tennessee August 17 1937
1 unidentified black man lynched Dyer Co Tennessee August 1869
N/A Thompson lynched Dyer Tennessee July 5 1891
Needham Smity lynched Tipton Co Tennessee November 10 1894
Richard Thurmond lynched Ripley Tennessee August 8 1898

-Source: The Lynching Calendar (

-* updated by me