While reviewing the 1900 US Census for Lauderdale County I came across something that I had never seen before. It was a listing of prison inmates at the Lauderdale County jail. Here is a list of those inhabiting the jail.

Andrew Crockett – 46  (Jailer)


John Huddleston – 19

James Anderson – 15

Creed Smith – 15

James Coffer – 18

Charles Smith – 20

Sam Williams – 9

Edward White – 19

Thomas Gingery – 14

Jessie Gingery – 13

Mike Byars – 20

William Morehead – 18

Attwood Byron – 14

John Smith – 20

It’s interesting to note that all of the prisoners in the jail were African-American. It made me wonder if there was a separate jail for White people or if there just were no White prisoners at the time the census was taken. I also noticed that 2 Gingery males are listed in the jail. The date on the census is June 7th, 1900 and the Gingery Mob happened January 9, 1900. I wonder if these Gingerys are also the children of Thomas and Julia and what their crime was.

There is also a 9 year old in the jail. I’m very interested in learning what his crime was.

Source: 1900 US Census for Civil District 2, Lauderdale County, TN

– Tiffany