Over the weekend I visited my Mother in Law in Ripley, TN who first told me the story about the Gingery Mob. We began to talk history and I asked her again about the Gingery Mob. She told me the same story that she told me before, but she went on to say that at the time of the incident Henry Gingery’s wife Caroline was pregnant with another one of their children. She said after the incident the police hounded Caroline, dragging her into the police station demanding that she tell them where her husband was. She insisted that she did not know where he was, but the police of the town were relentless in their pursuit. This went on for a while until a man named Frank Montgomery stepped forward and came to Caroline’s aid. Frank asked that she be left alone because she did not know anything. The harassment of Caroline came to a cease and the Black community began to look at Frank Montgomery, a White man, in admiration. My Mother in Law said the Black community regarded Frank Montgomery as a good man from that moment on and were grateful to him. I am always drawn to stories where even during the Jim Crow era Whites stood up for Blacks and what was right.


Source: Oral History

– Tiffany