Memphis Daily Appeal February 21, 1857

On Friday night, a negro was found secreted in the wood car of the passenger train, and was arrested and lodged in jail. He proved to be a slave owned by Mr. Samuel Whitney, of Haywood county. He was endeavoring to make his escape to this city, and from here to Cincinnati. He had laid in a supply of corn-bread, and had a bottle of whisky in his pocket.


Unfortunately, there was no record made of the slave’s name. I checked other sources such as the online Memphis Police Blotter, but these records don’t start until 1858. I checked for Samuel Whitney and I couldn’t find any records of him in Haywood County, TN. I did see that a man with that name lived in Kentucky, so maybe this is the same man and he just had a plantation in Haywood County as well as Kentucky.


Hopefully this slave wasn’t punished too bad when he made it back to Haywood County.


– Tiffany

– Source: Memphis Daily Appeal February 21, 1857