Lynching of Albert Gooden – Follow Up

17 Sep

I hesistated to share the rest of the information I had found on Mr. Gooden’s lynching because I found it on a website with a very strong message that I could not vouch for due to lack of knowledge on the subjects being discussed. Just to be clear there is a lot of other race related information on this site and I do not know whether it is true or not. My interest in this site is strictly on the story of the aftermath of the Albert Gooden lynching.

This site states,

“After the Lynching and murder of Albert Gooden, Sheriff Vaughn and the Lynch  mob had rounded up two of Gooden’s brothers, Edd Gooden and Braxton Gooden to Lynch them. But sometime happen on that night when the lynch mob was fixing to carry out the lynching. With the help of someone shooting into the crowd of the lynch mob from a distance, Edd and Braxton Gooden manage to escape the lynch mob. Meantime the  two brother left Tipton county and moved up North to keep from being Lynched. Braxton Gooden changed his name somehow after he left tipton county and never came back to visit family, until the year of 1997, when one of his other brothers passed, Spillmon Doc Gooden. But was only there for a day and a half, still being in fear of his life. Out of the two brothers that was almost lynched by the Tipton County Sheriff lynch mob, Braxton is still living up North, Edd Gooden passed in 1993 in Cleveland Ohio.”

If this is true it adds an interesting element to the Gooden story, because very much like the Gingery story I covered on this blog the lynch mob in that instance as well went after the brothers of the suspected killer who may or may not have had anything to do with the crime involved.

Stories like these always catch my attention because they involve individuals fleeing the area due to racial intimidation. Can you imagine living with this type of fear? Not being able to return to your home and family because people are looking to murder you? Ed Gooden, the father of Albert, died in 1941, so these two brothers were not even able to return home to bury their father.


– Tiffany

– Source: (disclaimer – I make no claims towards the accuracy of other information on this site. My interest in this site is purely on the Albert Gooden story)


2 Responses to “Lynching of Albert Gooden – Follow Up”

  1. Nephew of Albert Gooden July 13, 2015 at 4:13 pm #

    When I were growing up in the 60’s my grandmother which was Uncle Albert Gooden mother always talked about how they killed my Albert. Always wondered why she talked about it so . Now I understand why. That is my site Tipton-county Racism. She went to her grave in the 70’s I believe talking about her Albert. Only a mother can really understand that.

  2. Arzell Gooden July 31, 2018 at 6:18 pm #

    I received this email yesterday concerning the Lynching of Albert Gooden. Thought it was very interesting.

    Mental Block

    Jul 30 (1 day ago)

    to me

    Good morning. I am originally from Tipton County, but I currently live in Middle TN. Most of my family still lives in Covington and Mason.

    About five years ago, my grandfather told me the story of Albert Gooden. He never gave me his name exactly, so I did the research and came across your post. The story was exactly as he described.

    I understand the lynch mob was never identified, but my grandfather said that my great-grandfather was one of them. I’m not sure what we can do with this information or how to verify it since my grandfather recently passed. I hesitate to share their names or my name, because I don’t know if it is true or not.

    This whole thing bothers me, not just because Albert was black and lynched, but also because I think the police at that time had no business raiding the dice game to begin with. It’s another example of police using petty laws to target black men. Black men are systematically mistreated by our police and justice system. It disturbs me and has caused me to want to find ways to improve things.

    What are your thoughts on my information?

    A Concerned Descendant

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