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Jet Magazine – August 27, 1959

7 Jul

Jet Magazine Aug 27, 1959

Jet Magazine Aug 27, 1959

According to US Census Records for 1940 Willie Jones lived with his siblings Minnie and Walter Jones and his mother Mary Jones. His occupation was listed as that of an unpaid family worker. On the 1930 US Census he is listed as also living with his father Andrew and several more siblings. I found no listing for him on the Lynching Calender, but of course that source is not complete. For now it’s unclear what happened to Willie, but I do hope that he got his day in court (although court in 1959 was far from fair justice) instead of meeting his death at the hands of a vigilante mob. Quick thinking on behalf of his former lawyer, J. F. Estes, and the unidentified informant may have just saved Willie’s life. I did find several Willie M. Jones in the Social Security Death Index who could possibly be the Willie M. Jones mentioned in this case. They all lived to 1972 or later, so maybe he served his time and was released.




– Tiffany

– Source: Jet Magazine August 27, 1959 edition


Runaway Slave – Memphis Daily Appeal February 21, 1857

11 Apr

Memphis Daily Appeal February 21, 1857

On Friday night, a negro was found secreted in the wood car of the passenger train, and was arrested and lodged in jail. He proved to be a slave owned by Mr. Samuel Whitney, of Haywood county. He was endeavoring to make his escape to this city, and from here to Cincinnati. He had laid in a supply of corn-bread, and had a bottle of whisky in his pocket.


Unfortunately, there was no record made of the slave’s name. I checked other sources such as the online Memphis Police Blotter, but these records don’t start until 1858. I checked for Samuel Whitney and I couldn’t find any records of him in Haywood County, TN. I did see that a man with that name lived in Kentucky, so maybe this is the same man and he just had a plantation in Haywood County as well as Kentucky.


Hopefully this slave wasn’t punished too bad when he made it back to Haywood County.


– Tiffany

– Source: Memphis Daily Appeal February 21, 1857

Jet Magazine – August 27, 1964

20 Jan

I hesitated before posting this particular clipping, but decided to anyway since it can be found in Jet Magazine. I couldn’t help but to giggle at the fact that Jet Magazine used to publish gossip.

Jet Magazine August 27, 1964

Jet Magazine August 27, 1964

I have an idea who this is about,  but I really wonder if they ever discovered that their gossip made it into Jet Magazine.


– Tiffany
– Source: Jet Magazine August 27, 1964

Newspaper Clippings – Haywood County Elected Officials

6 Jan

I came across this article about two African Americans being elected to office in Haywood County, TN. I was drawn to this article because Haywood County in the 1960s had a lot of racial tensions related to African Americans being allowed to vote.

The Gadsden Times August 5, 1966

The Gadsden Times August 5, 1966

Land owners in Haywood County had been forcing African Americans who attempted to register to vote off of their sharecropping farms. Many of those forced off of their farms ended up living in “Tent Cities”. In 1962 50 land owners in Haywood County settled out of court for violating the 1957 Civil Rights Acts because of their roles in voter intimidation among other things. These landowners had been using economic pressure to prevent African Americans from registering to vote. Under the 1962 settlements these landowners agreed not to interfere with African Americans who attempted to register to vote.



-Source: The Gasden Times August 5, 1966 edition

Newspaper Clippings – St. Petersburg Times 1/1/1961

4 May

Source: Google News Archive. St. Petersburg Times 1/1/1961